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“Be intentional—be your future.”

Meet Dr. Evonne

Dr. Evonne inspires people to live exceptionally, while using balance, freedom, and God’s rest to find and enjoy the path they are meant to walk.

As a speaker, teacher, and author, Dr. Evonne is known for leading high-impact events. Complementing her theological experience and MA in theology, Dr. Evonne is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and MBA graduate from Regent University, allowing her to positively impact diverse communities through her professional work. After completing her doctorate from United Theological Seminary, she launched Elici, which combines her gifts as a consultant and Fortune 200 professional with faith.

Dr. Evonne lives in the Chicago, Illinois area, and is passionate about local ministry efforts and volunteering. She serves on the Women’s Board of the Chicago Urban League, and the Executive Council for United Way of Metro Chicago’s Women United. She loves God, prayer, worship, family, friendship, fellowship, and laughter. When resting in God, she enjoys traveling, hiking, reading—and a favorite dessert.

More About ELICI (“to bring forth”)


Bring forth your potential. Bring forth your prosperity.

Elici aligns successful solutions with faith-based principles and teachings, creating impact for diverse communities.

Focused on exceptional living and outreach—from events to trainings to books, and more—Elici is here to make a difference. Elici empowers leaders to gain the time and support they need to succeed at work and home.

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