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Faith Through Chaos

If we’re out of balance — be it due to overloaded emotions or stress, we’ll find it hard to experience God's peace, i.e., shalom. Shalom is completeness, soundness, welfare, peace, and rest. Experiencing shalom is difficult when we're overwhelmed by life’s pressures and distractions.

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At times, we fall into a state of complacency in spiritual practices. We get too busy with work, chores, ministry, and other activities and forget to spend alone time in God's presence. We pour ourselves out but don’t allow space or time to be restored and renewed.

Turning to Scripture, particularly the Psalms, as a source of strength, you might notice lots of cries for help and mercy. The psalmists often cried to God in distress, their hearts in anguish. Overwhelmed by the troubles of life, there's often a desire to escape these discomforts. However, the key isn't in escape, but rather in perseverance by turning to God with faith through chaos. God hears your voice.

God as Jehovah Shalom

Embrace God as Jehovah Shalom, the Lord my Peace. Do you have a challenging situation right now? Speak peace into it. You might not understand every detail, but you can pray for peace. Peace includes welfare, prosperity, soundness, and good health. Let these meanings resonate within you. God's peace is the fulfillment of His presence. When His presence is with you, everything related to His character goes with you--His safety, health, prosperity, goodwill, kindness, righteousness, and justice—all components of a peaceful life. 

God is with you. No matter life’s challenges or difficulty—God remains by your side, even if sometimes it feels like He's silent. He is always there. This post reminds us to trust in God's ways, no matter how stormy life seems. Pour your causations and pleadings to Him. Let His peace guide you amidst the chaos. With God, peace is not a remote possibility, but a sure reality! Rest in God. Shalom, shalom.


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