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The Lord My Peace

Turning to God in Turbulent Times

The Psalms are full of pleas and supplications to God. The psalmist often cries to God in distress, their hearts in anguish. Overwhelmed by the troubles of life, there's often an urge to escape these discomforts. Yet, the key isn't in escape. Rather it is in persevering through turning to God. Persist in prayer, moan in sincere supplication and complaint – God hears your voice.

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God as Jehovah Shalom

Embrace God as Jehovah Shalom, the Lord my peace. He wants to bless you with safety, health, prosperity, goodwill, kindness, righteousness, and justice – all the components of a peaceful life. Do you have a challenging situation right now? Speak peace into it. You might not understand every detail, but you can pray for peace.

Jehovah Shalom means the Lord my peace, my welfare, my prosperity, my soundness, my health, and my contentment. Let these definitions resonate within you. God's peace is the fulfillment of His presence. When He is with you, you're blessed, favored, and experience peace in abundance.

God is still in the boat of life with you, no matter how high the storms waves, or how chaotic the sea. He remains by your side, even if it sometimes feels like He's silent. Never forget, God is always there. He sees everything happening to you; He's paying attention.

Let God’s peace guide you amidst the chaos!


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2 comentarios

22 nov 2023

Your emails are always God—Timed…Meaning On Time, In time!!

Continue your amazing journey guiding many to their God ordained, and given experience of “Peace!”

Me gusta

22 nov 2023


Me gusta
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