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Give God Permission

Reflection: “Let God arise, let His enemies be scattered, and let those who hate Him flee before Him.” Psalm 68:1

Response: When we let go and let God work, victory is certain. When we allow God to arise in our thoughts, we give Him lordship over doubt, anxiety, and fear. Give Him permission.

Permit Him to be Lord of your life and in your circumstances. Allow the authority and majesty of His power to cover every aspect of your being and everything that pertains to it.

Let God be your refuge and defense. Let Him be your deliverer, a present help in time of trouble. Let Him be your hope—hope for a better day and a brighter future.

God is exalted. The enemy is defeated. Who is the enemy? Anyone or anything opposed to the character, will, and way of God. Anyone or anything hostile to you is hostile to God. Anyone or anything that stands as your enemy stands as an enemy to God.

God is exalted, and the enemy is defeated. The enemy of weariness; the enemy of depression; the enemy of lack; and the enemy of anxiety. Let God arise and enemies of fear, loneliness, and sorrow scatter. Give Him permission to arise in your life through prayer and worship. When God stands up, our enemy must retreat.

Live exceptionally- in balance, freedom, and rest. ™ The Lord our God reigns. Our enemies fall and perish in the presence of God, and He lifts us above our enemies. Let God arise.


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